Handheld Infrared Body Massage


Handheld Massager Electric Infrared Body Massage Device

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Rated power: 25W
Rated voltage: 220V-50HZ

Product function:
1. Eliminate fatigue 2. Relax muscles 3. Relax muscles 4. Promote blood circulation
Massage technique:
1. Shiatsu massage 2. Acupuncture massage
matters needing attention
1. Please drink a glass of warm water after use to promote metabolism. 2. Be sure to unplug after use and before cleaning. 3. Do not use in humid places. 4. Special attention should be paid to children or disabled persons. 5. If a problem occurs, it is strictly forbidden to repair it by yourself, and it is strictly forbidden to continue using it. You should contact the dealer as soon as possible.
The main massage parts:
Shoulders, hands, neck, back, waist, palms, thighs, calves, soles





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